Winter Time!

It is December and we had our first bit of snow the other day.  More is expected to come and I am so pumped.  Sledding is my favorite activity where we live.  Our first day of dating was actually a sledding day.  I gave Helen my snow pants and I pushed her around for an hour or two.  I was soaking wet and cold when we were done but it was a ton of fun.  Last winter we went sledding too.  I hope this winter will be the same.  For those of you that drink thought you can enhance the expirence quite a bit.  Back in high school drunkin sledding was the best part of winter. All you need is a hill or slope, preferably at night out of view of the cops, a sledd, and Jagermiester.  Friend make it even better, not because they are friends but because you need a DD, but they don't need to know that. :p