I was thinking the other day.  And I do think often when my hands are idle.  That we are all slaves. Some people are slaves of the mind, others slaves of the flesh.  We are slaves to debt and consumption. 
So many people need to have more and more and more.  We buy stuff and our lives become filled with stuff.  People have even be reduced to this role with social media, people collect "friends" like they are objects too.

I ask the question.  If you love and are loved, if you are happy, why would you look for anything more?  Would that not be enough?

Things will not make you happy, they really wont.  It doesn't mean they wont make life a bit easier its just that if you are not happy now things won't make it any better.

I am a man of ambition.  I want an education and a good job and to go places in life. But I do not do it to better secure the things in my life.  I want, because I want to better secure the people in my life.  With out loved ones we really have nothing.

My goal in life is love and respect. I am afraid that for many people that is not enough.  It is a shame.

I am lucky to love and be loved and I am thankful to have it for however long I do.  If I am lucky til the end of time.  To my darling Helen, may I only be a slave to your heart and nothing else.


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