How we got together

Alex's view
Lets see. After reading Helen's side of the story its not like I am under any pressure or anything. :p Well the first time we met was at the October JCC. When I entered the room that the movie was playing in, I don't think that I had quite the same reaction as Helen. I noticed everyone in the room as I always do, and did a general threat assessment. I know its silly but its what I do, like sitting facing the door when ever I go out. I did notice Helen and I do remember thinking to myself "Who is that cute Asian chick?" But as for the movie I don't think a recap is needed. The dinner however was much more interesting from my point of view.

I remember sitting down next to Helen at the dinner table and picking up the menu just to give me something to do. My attempt at small talk was to ask her about things on the menu. I know it is a stereotype but I did kinda expect her to know what was on the menu. I didn't get the response I was looking for though.  I remember her saying that she didn't know much about it. After that more small talk ensued.  Finally about halfway through the dinner Helen attempted to rip me off with a coin necklace scam. She wanted to sell me a Chinese or Japanese coin that was worth a penny for like $5. I said I would like one, however, because I thought that she was cute. I am a sucker when it come to certain things. I do remember Helen leaving a bit early that night. I thought nothing of it at the time, but looking back I could see she was a bit nervous.

The next month passed by way too fast. During that month I did think of Helen from time to time but not too seriously.  However, now I was set on getting that coin necklace. Once I make up my mind I can be quite stubborn, and I really wanted that necklace. JCC came around again and it was November, nice and cold out.

That dinner was full of action. And no it was not giant mecha and school girls. Though it would be nice from time to time.  Helen did capture more of my attention that night.  I remember her trying to pour copious amounts of chili powder into my soup. I kept fighting her off using my pinky finger. I lost a few times but I didn't tell her that I like my soup hot, so it was a win-win in my book. :)  I get hot soup and flirt at the same time. I do remember her asking people for email addresses but I don't remember giving her mine for some reason.

As for the e-stalking I don't have much to say, but don't try this at home kids. After Christmas was over and the Spring semester had started I would joke with the new people in my Jujutsu class that I took the class to learn to protect myself from Helen. At the time I was only half joking. :/

November flew by just as fast as October and it was December already. It was December that Helen and I started talking on a regular basis. I got a Facebook and was sending a few emails here and there. I do remember Helen asking me to buy her dinner in exchange for her little secret. But I responded that I didn't want to wait that long and suggested a movie. I forget exactly how it went down but I ended up wording our conversations so that I asked her out without setting myself up for rejection. And luckily Helen agreed to go out with me. Our first date was at her house. We made paper figures like Kirby and other anime characters.  Helen made me a Snake in a Box from Metal Gear Solid. I still have it and I treasure it dearly. Later that night we went sledding and it was a blast. I gave her my snow pants so she wouldn't get wet but I forgot that I then would. Once I even had to dive to save her from flying into a near by creek. It was nice just to warm up in the car, all dark and cold out. We just cuddled and talked about anything. The night ended with us going to a Christmas church service. I think that was the first one I had been to in years. I was just going out with Helen for one day and she was already making me a better man.


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